Maxtrack Server provides with ample opportunities for free configuration and further development of monitoring the transport and fuel consumption. There is a possibility to establish additional functional modules and expansion packages even under the most specific inquiries of your satellite monitoring service clients. Built-in Maxtrack Server billing system allows you to control facilities and actions of users of your system. In Maxtrack Server monitoring system you can use any map from Google, Yahoo, Yandex and even paid mapping systems operating in your region. Additionally you can add vector maps from third-party developers or your own maps into the transport monitoring system.

Features of  satellite monitoring Maxtrack Server

  • distributed client-server architecture;
  • modular system construction;
  • scalability and performance enough for working with a good number of monitoring facilities;
  • possibilityof using any type of navigation and communications equipment;
  • remote device control through SMS and GPRS;
  • integrated subsystem to work with vector maps and GIS servers;
  • opportunity to use the installation on Linux and Windows servers.

Below is a scheme of the GPS and GLONASS monitoring Maxtrack Server in companies that provide monitoring services to their clients for the monthly fee:

Software for Maxtrack Server, which is located in the heart of the system, receives and processes data from satellite monitoring objects, if necessary sends them commands. Interacting with objects made through UDP, NCP/IP, and SMS channels.    

Components of the system:

Components: Description:
Telematics server Main server of satellite monitoring of transport
Database server Server based on MySQL Server or MS SQL Server which stores all the database of GPS/GLONASS monitoring system objects
Map server WebGIS GIS server which stores, processes and displays cartographic and address information. The server may process Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex maps along with maps from third-party developers
Reports module The module allows to create reports on satellite monitoring object. It is also possible to set up templates for creating reports that are used regularly
Notifications module The module give an opportunity to appoint and receive notifications about satellite monitoring system (speed, entrance/exit of Geo-fences, status of sensors etc.). Notifications may be e-mailed or sent as an SMS, shown in a popup window or recorded in the system.
Module Tasks The module allows to schedule tasks for the satellite monitoring system for their automatic performance: sending records, sending records, perform commands on the object of monitoring.
Module Geo-fences Geo-fence or geographic zones - are certain areas marked on the map, which have more importance. They are designed to control the motions of objects in these areas. If the object is located on the territory of any Geo-fence the popup window will contain information about the presence of an object in certain areas.
Module POI / My Places The module allows the user to mark on the map points and places of interest and which require special attention. It is possible to attach images or photos in it, as well as to add comments. These places can be displayed on a map with standard icons or reduced copies of these images.
Module Drivers The module is useful if several drivers use one car with a satellite monitoring and use iButton. It is possible to make a list of drivers, to connect them with various vehicles, to receive reports about each driver at each reporting period.
SMS management module The module allows to control GPS and GLONASS devices via SMS-messages.
Billing module The module allows you to create billing plans for your clients, their account balance, automatically applies limits in actions of customers with negative balance.
Site Maxtrack Mobile module Website of satellite transport monitoring system for controlling and monitoring objects via mobile phone or PDA.
Advanced reports module Module allows to give reports on a group of objects, geo-fences, and several users.