Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

system in office, shop or in any other commercial enterprise will remotely monitor the staff, analyzing video records allows to improve labor discipline. In case of criminal incidents video records may be provided as irrefutable evidence of attacker’s actions. CCTV system may be installed in several stages. You can get more detailed information and free consultation from our managers.

Designing CCTV system. We:

  • accept issues and main requirements made by a customer
  • analyze the object.
  • determine the configuration of the equipment;
  • discuss the possibility of optimizing your costs;
  • make detailed estimate.

(Our qualified technician may visit the required object to provide those services on a customers request.)

CCTV system setup.

All the necessary equipment is delivered to required location by our staff. CCTV infrastructures are created by laying the cable. Installation of equipment: cameras, digital video recorders (recorders), monitors. Set the hardware and software. We perform mandatory testing and detailed check of the functioning of all subsystems of CCTV.

Maintenance works:

  • The company makes a contract on maintenance;
  • Efficiency and control over the working of the system is guaranteed;
  • Repair service.

Warranty service is recommended in order to avoid the system downtime in disabled condition, which may put the security of the object into a risk. After making a contract there is a full range of services available, including free repairs and equipment inspection. If something fails, experts of the company in the shortest periods will come to fix all the problems.
Technical consultants of the company “Newmax Technologies” provide free staff training for consumers on operating installed CCTV system.

CCTV for vehicles

CCTV installed on a car, will provide a reliable picture of events on the road; make video records each time car alarms triggered; gives opportunity to analyze the traffic route functioning as GPS device.
There is a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Tral Auto for solving those problems. The device provides record of two video signals: sound and data from GPS into USB-flash carrier. Saving data on a hard drive ensures high reliability storage regardless shaking and vibration of moving vehicle.

CCTV system on a public transport:

For controlling drivers’ actions and emergency situations in the cabin of the bus it is appropriate to use DVR Tral 3T with a removable hard drive. Device allows to save a large data with frame frequency sufficient for a detailed analysis of events. Possibility of using four video cameras allows monitoring whole cabin of the bus. T Series video recorders have an extended operating temperature range. With pre-launch heating system of hard drive and computation card video recordings can be saved even in low temperatures down to - 20°С.