Automated Mobile System Agent +  is a software, designed for mobile trade automation  using PDAs. Agent+ optimizes and makes easier works of sales representatives (agents), wholesale and distribution companies, forwarding agents, café and restaurant waiters, private entrepreneurs, merchandisers.

Agent + allows to automate the following activities of sales representatives:

  • collection of applications for the supply of goods (pre-selling)
  • sale of goods from mobile stores (van-selling)
  • merchandising;
  • reports about returns and new arrivals;
  • records of cash transactions;
  • accounting records;
  • quick processing of documents at the moment of selling;
  • stocktaking;
  • questionnaires;
  • control of trade representatives route with the use of GPS

and much more that can significantly improve work efficiency of sales representatives.

Agent+ works in connection with the software 1C as well as enterprise any configurations or any other accounting systems. An important feature of the system from similar services consists of that you do not need server software installation unlike the desktops. Our customers purchase only software for PDAs’ and all the other server functions will be assigned to the system, which is used in customers’ company. This allows us to offer the Agent + at considerably lower prices than our competitors, but also greatly simplifies the implementation and operation of Agent +.

Features of AMS Agent+ include:

  • support for additional custom reports;
  • work with an illustrated catalog of goods;
  • mobile data exchange;
  • support for printing documents on a printer;
  • barcode scanner;
  • built-in phone number dialing;
  • interface with several languages;
  • high configuration options, etc.

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Agent+ is available in three configurations: Agent+ Light (Light configuration), Agent+ Standard (standard configuration) and Agent+ Invent (advanced configuration). Agent + Invent includes all features of two previous configurations, as well as additional functions like support for printing documents,  scanning barcodes and functions like van-selling. 

More detailed information about Agent+:

Agent+ Invent supports laser, matrix and inkjet printers and can print large amount of documents. Any kind of documents to the AMS Agent + can contain an unlimited number of printed forms, which can be displayed on the printer in an text or graphic forms. Built-in Agent+ object-based programming language Lua allows users of the system to modify or add their own printing forms.

High configuration options AMS Agent + is achieved through the use of additional details of all references and documents of the program. Further details can be added at any time without any technical support of developers of the system, also can be used in printing forms or for editing data and documents.

Complete picture of the software Agent+ You can get from the following recourses:

Demo version of AMS Agent+ differs from final version only by limit of the catalogue of goods (not more than 50 varieties of goods). You can download demo version from our website and start working with Agent+ now, without getting an official license. This allows customers to evaluate the functionalities of the system in practice and form their own opinion about our software. Depending on the number of copies purchased by customers the company provides discounts for products.

By using AMS Agent+ companies can achieve:

  • growth of labor productivity of mobile agents;
  • significant reduction of labor costs;
  • reduce the expenses and maintenance of office equipment;
  • more than 20-30%  sales growth;
  • significant increase of profits.

At the moment the software Agent+ is used by more than 1500 enterprises with various activities. Our company is ready for dialogues with clients. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the software or opportunities of working with us, we are always open for discussions.