Workly is the irreplaceable assistant for managers, employees of security services, accountants, secretaries and other workers of your company.

Convenient and clear interface, easy to use, accuracy of the registration of working hours, reliability of access control, reliability of reports and efficiency of their creation, quick payback and others.


Registration and analysis of working hours, control of its efficiency; delimitation of physical access to buildings. 

  • Identification of employees of the company by fingerprints or with a help of Proximity cards.
  • Employees Registration of checking in and checking out at the workplace.
  • Informs managers and interested services like security, secretary and staff departments;
  • Registration of working hours of each employee, department and a company as a whole;
  • Access control in company buildings.

The Biometry superiority:

In TimeBar system fingerprints are used for identification. They are unique for each person and even vary among twins. The fingerprint cannot be lost, borrowed, stolen or forgotten. It can always be shown easily and quickly at the identification.

It is impossible to steal fingerprints from database of TimeBar. The database stores not the imprint, but its digital model. To restore the fingerprint from the digital model is not possible. 

Registration of working hours and the control of physical access functions can be used separately but it is more efficient to use them together. Employees do not need to carry keys, counters to pass a turnstile on a checkpoint or to open the door at office. All they need is to touch biometric terminal and the TimeBar system after identifying the worker of the company will open the door, turnstile, gate etc.

Unlike analogues: 

  • simplicity, high precision, optimal way of identification of employees;
  • complete information about the employee in his personal account card (like personal data, position, department, work experience, working hours, photo etc.) ;
  • automation of all procedures of the registration of working hours;
  • various reports, sheets, logs and their graphic representation , as well as option to export files in TXT., XME., etc.
  • operating data on working hours registration presented in an Online mode;
  • information of checking in/out of employees from several checkpoints;
  • possibility of application in companies with geographically distributed structure.

Specific advantages: 

  • accuracy of working hours registration with a help of  identification of exact employee;
  • opportunity of providing evidence base in case labor discipline is disturbed;
  • extensive capabilities for analysis of labor discipline, load distribution, determine profitability of projects;

Cost efficiency: 

  • quick payback of investment;
  • lower cost of ownership by eliminating the cost of failed and lost identifiers;
  • improve staff self-discipline and increase effectiveness of their work.