Asterisk - a VoIP-telephony in each office

Asterisk IP-PBX - Open Source application which runs on operating systems, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, OpenBSD, and designed to create full computer telephony solutions. Asterisk has all the features of classical PBX, supports three VoIP protocols (SIP/H.323/IAX), provides voice mail functions (VoiceMail), conferences, interactive voice menu (IVR), call center (statement of calls in queue and their distribution by agents using different algorithms), and also has a flexible and versatile interface for integration with external systems, data processing (AGI). Due to Open source license Asterisk actively developed by programmers around the world. Asterisk can work with analog lines (FXO / FXS modules) as well as digital lines like ISDN PRI, streams E1. Also allows to broadcast text and video. With certain computer boards (most prominent producer of which is Digium), Asterisk can be connected to high-capacity Internet lines that let you work with dozens and even hundreds of phone lines and connect digital VoIP network to conventional phone networks. In recent years, Asterisk applications are rapidly developing throughout the world and have become a common sight on the market of IT-technologies (large number of specialized companies, support centers, online-consultations).

General PBX or PBX with lots of additional services.

On the basis of IP-PBX Asterisk, you can build a general PBX as well as PBX with the flexibility and additional services. The systems of billing, authorization, control, voice recording systems along with voice mail options make the tasks a lot easier and more comfortable. Integration with IP makes the usual PBX modern, allowing to make calls not only through the public switched telephone network (PSTN) but as well as using the Internet. With Asterisk you can build your own integrated circuits and solve the most unusual tasks.

For companies, which have several offices in different regions:

IP-PBX allows transparently integrate telephone company's network, regardless of its current infrastructure.  It creates a unified numbering plan in all branches of the company. At any time an employee has the opportunity to check Voice Mailbox, at home or business trips. Your partners can call your office from all over the world for free if they have a connection to the Internet.

Saving on International Calls:

With voice transferring through the Internet and Asterisk there is an opportunity of considerable economy on International Calls. You go directly to VoIP operator’s market, bypassing the local companies of prepaid phone cards.

For Telemarketing Companies:

Implementing IP-PBX you can install automatic dialing mode which gives an opportunity to call each customer. Recorded voice message with the necessary information about the services and products will be played. Additionally customers can ask for operators as well as leave voice mail if they have further queries. Another possibility is to redirect calls to a free operator as soon as customer replies.

Call Center:

If your organization mainly works with call services like taxi, information call center, emergency service etc and you need a flexible system of response and processing of incoming calls (call interception, interference in the conversation) the VoIP telephony is the right and comfortable way of solving these issues. Additionally it allows to record all or selected conversations (automatically on the basis of any criteria or by command), all the recorded calls will allow to find needed contacts easily.

Small Organizations

It is a very comfortable system for small organizations too. You will not miss calls even if you have to leave the office early. Installing the small configuration Asterisk IP-PBX you may check all voice mails in your inbox from any location only by calling your office and dialing your password.  Asterisk IP-PBX can be installed directly on the existing server, providing cheap and high quality international calls, saving money to purchase additional equipment for IP-PBX.